When you give to Sobriety Foundation, you can be confident that your support is making a powerful difference in the lives of those in addiction recovery. Every gift, no matter the size, advances our mission. Please see below a few client updates from our programs to understand more about how our donors are making a life-changing impact for those on their road to recovery.

So far life has been a lot better than it was prior to treatment and sober living. By me having the opportunity to receive this scholarship, it has allowed me to focus on my recovery and expand my network outside of my rehab family. I have been attending meetings daily, I’m on day 61 of my plan to do 90 meetings in 90 days . I have found a home group and attend that weekly and am working on getting a service position it that same group.

I just wanted to start out with saying thank you so much for the help with getting into sober living. The help in which you were able to facilitate has given me the opportunity to not only take the time to acquaint myself with the AA community, find a sponsor and a home group, I was also able to find a job.

My progress has been going really well. I have not relapsed nor have had any cravings. As for my job search I have been able to find a job working for ROI Solutions in American Fork. I have been going to a meeting every day and found a sponsor.