Founded in 2012, Sobriety Foundation, formerly SOL Scholarship Foundation, helps adults residing in Utah, with substance use disorders with sober living costs through scholarships. Substance misuse is one of the critical public health epidemics of our time. Between 2000 and 2021, Utah lost 4,881 loved ones to prescription opioid overdose deaths. Currently, 11 people die each week in the state of Utah from overdoses and  one person dies every 5 minutes from overdoses in the nation. Due to limited funding, we currently can only fund 40% of our applicants. Utah is the 20th state in the Nation for Overdose deaths. It is one of the 22 states with an overdose rate higher than the national average.

Addiction requires long-term, ongoing care. Successful recovery often involves making significant changes to one’s life to create a supportive environment that avoids substance use or misuse cues or triggers. This can involve changing jobs or housing, finding new friends who are supportive of one’s recovery, and engaging in activities that do not involve substance use. When the Foundation awards a recipient, the individual is placed in sober living housing with individuals on the same path which helps them resist relapse and rebuild lives that may have been devastated by years of substance misuse.

Our Need

Individuals in early recovery can be emotionally and economically vulnerable. Oftentimes the transition from residential substance use disorder treatment can be difficult without the proper support system in place. Many individuals do not have safe and adequate housing options and rely on the structure of sober living and other supportive services during this transition. It is the goal of the Sobriety Foundation to provide support to individuals during this transition in order to improve outcomes, communities and ultimately save lives.

Mission Statement

The Sobriety Foundation provides funding to individuals with substance use disorders who have limited financial resources. We provide financial support for sober living and other wrap-around services to promote long term recovery efforts.

Our Program

Many individuals with substance use issues require substantial environmental changes including improved housing, employment and development of a supportive social network. The Sobriety Foundation collaborates with substance use disorder treatment facilities and other community partners in order to achieve these goals. When individuals receive clinical support in conjunction with wrap-around services their efforts to achieve long term recovery are improved.